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Mind Healing Courses

These mind healing corresponce courses are available for reinforcing your awakening. The courses are experiental and use processes and guided meditations to help you heal your mind and release limited thought patterns. The focus is on helping you recognize the barriers to Love's presence and open to Inner Wisdom to receive a correction in perception.

Each course comes with a workbook, audio meditations, and focus cards. They are offered in a digital format as well as a hard copy. You will go through the course on your own and then we meet to go over the material, discuss the questions presented, and the experiences with the meditaions. It is an extraordinary opportunity to learn the awarness of Love's presence in your life.

Upon completion of each course you will receive a certification. If you choose to complete all courses you will become a facilitator, counselor and ordained minister through Pathways of Light.

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A Course in Miracles ACIM Practitioner Courses

These courses work directly with A Course in Miracles to help you move past a theoretical understanding of ACIM to practical application of Course principles in your daily life. These are offered to individuals or groups. They can be a great addition to an ACIM study group.

901: Introduction to Miracles Practice
This course is all about allowing ourselves to form and reinforce the daily practice of receiving and extending miracles. With the Holy Spirit, we allow ourselves to see the false ideas for what they are and allow Him to bring us the vision of true perception. In forming this daily miracles practice, we allow our confused minds to be healed of our belief in weakness, limitation and darkness. We are persistent and diligent in continuing and strengthening this daily miracles practice. We want to return Home and we have the means to do it.

Included is a workbook, audio meditations, laminated poster ("Receiving Miracles from Holy Spirit"), and two pocket-size remember cards.

I facilitate these courses either online, in person, or by telephone. The mind healing and practitioner courses are offered through Pathways of Light Spiritual College. Please contact me or visit to register or for more information.