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Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling

Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling is a one-on-one experience in which you will look at an area of your life that you want more peace. This can be a fearful, anxious or tense situation that you want to see a change. It could be a scenario that upsets you that keeps reoccuring in your life. You may have a perspective or situation that is destructive or unhealthy.

In the counseling session, you will look at these uncounscious thoughts to be seen with your Higher Wisdom. This allows the preception to be healed. This process is done at your own pace to access your Inner Wisdom in the most loving and accepting way possible. Deep insights and healing can occur in this caring and safe environment.

The session lasts 1 to 1 1/2 hours. You will receive an Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling Sheet, which provides a place to record your goals and insights received. You are also given a voice recording of the session and a written transcript for future reference. The price of the counseling is $120 or as guided.

Contact me to schedule a counseling session